Peter Lynch給投資人的建議 (From The Harvard Investment Club)

今天剛好颱風跑來台灣,大家都在家裡抱棉被補眠,麥大冒著生命危險跑去買珍奶,一路上招牌搖搖擺擺,好刺激ㄋ,哈哈.....這邊就來整理一下投資大師peter lynch在Harvard的lecture給Makssin讀友參考,peter lynch 是成長型投資策略,他主持的麥哲倫基金有年化29%的報酬,資產也從1800萬美金到140億,相當驚人.....下面就是它對一般人的投資建議......

A. Know what you own!!
When a stock goes down and you don’t understand what the company does, you don’t know whether to sell or buy more. Don’t buy things that are complicated. He bought stocks like Dunkin Donuts. Keep in mind, the average stock has had a range of 100% from high to low. If you don’t know what you own, you are likely to “turf it” (sell it right before it goes up). People should employ their advantages, and buy stuff they know a lot about.


B. It is futile to predict the economy, interest rates and the stock market. (*ignore this point*  )

You just don’t know what is going to happen. Predicting the future is a waste of time. If you spend 13 minutes on economics you have wasted 10 minutes. Small economics…asking questions like: how much does aluminum cost? and does a recession impact used cars or new car sales? are a good idea.

去預測經濟,利率或是股市是無用的!! (請記得要忽略這些)

C. You have plenty of time.

When WMT went public they were a 15 year old company. 10 years later they were up 10x and after 15 more years 30x more (300x total). There are good companies, but not a lot of them. Fortunately, you don’t need to find a lot of them just a few over a career.


D. 10 most dangerous things people say about stock prices(10個人們常談論股票危險的事情)

1. If its gone down this much already it can’t go any lower.
One of his favorite stocks went from 15 to 12.5 to 9 all the way to 3. He was still confident thinking that he was “a little early”. With a level head, he bought more and ultimately did well on the investment.

投資人擁有一檔喜歡的股票從15 元跌到12.5,再到9,最後到3元.它依舊相信是它買早了,當作頭時,它會買更多,最終它就套牢了

2. If it has gone this high, it can’t go higher.
This is simply not true. MCD, MSFT, GOOG are all examples.


3. Eventually they always come back.
Sometimes they don’t.


4. It is trading at $3. How much can I lose?
All of it.


5. Its always darkest before dawn.
It is darkest before complete blackout.


6. When it rebounds to $10, I’ll sell.
Numbers don’t matter. They are arbitrary.


7. What me worry? Conservative stocks don’t fluctuate much.
Things change. See the electric utility industry.


8. Look at all the money I’ve lost, I didn’t buy it.
Don’t look at the ones you miss.


9. I missed that one. I’ll catch the next one.
Maybe not.


10. The stock has gone up/down I must be right/wrong.
Don’t start buying because stocks go up. There is a 100 percent correlation between earnings and stock performance over time.


E. Avoid Long Shots.
The company says “If this works and that works it goes up 20 fold!” But now…no sales. Mr. Lynch was for 30 on these.


F. Importance of Management.
Management is important, but if you have a bad industry and terrific management, you can’t win. But simple businesses don’t need much management. Mr. Lynch wants to buy a company that any fool can run, because eventually one will.


G. Be Flexible.
Even when industries are successful, you can still lose. MCD, Outback, etc. made money in the restaurant industry even when it was growing at 2%. Even shrinking industries are OK. An industry not going anywhere but where you have a monopoly makes money. Bankruptcy is OK.

縱使一個產業是光明的,一家公司依舊會搞得一團糟,如在飯店業成長2%的MCD, Outback.對於一個日薄西山不知要到何處還OK的產業,除非你賺的是壟斷財,你是有可能破產的

H. When to Sell.
When to sell is exactly when to buy. Always write down the reason why you made the investment decision. What is the story?
Stick by the reasons. If the story changes or you are wrong, sell…unless you can come up with a new story.


I. There is always something to worry about!

The organ in the stock market is not the brain. It is the stomach. There is way too much news now.Key example was in 1991: Recession was imminent, 1st War in Iraq was starting (big concerns about major losses), Banking system was on the brink, etc. But…it all turned around. You can’t get too distracted by background noise.After Caesar died, the market in Rome probably crashed. In the year 1 BC, people worried about Y0k. In 1999 it was Y2k. People overreact. There is always something to be nervous about.The news today is the depressing channel and the super depressing channel. But look at Brazil, Philippines, Chile, Eastern Europe…there is good news out there.


by Peter Lynch (REF:http://paranoidbull.com/2008/04/peter-lynch-visits-harvard/)

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中國糧油控股 00606 一手包股 農產品加工企業 食品飲料
天福茗茶 6868 定存股 世界茶王 食品飲料
克莉絲汀 01210 跟投資創業公司一樣股 連鎖烘培公司企業 食品飲料
莎莎國際 00178 布局中國完整股 亞洲最大的化粧品連鎖店 零售
華潤創業 00291 穩定股 超市與食品飲料綜合企業 零售
佐丹奴 00709 積極布局中國股 平價服飾 零售
聯華超市 00980 盤據上海股 超市零售 零售
高鑫零售 06808 Walmart 靠邊站股 中國大賣場龍頭 零售
波司登 03998 沒意見股 中國最大的羽絨服企業 零售
達芙妮 00210 還ok股 中國品牌女鞋銷量第一企業 零售
小肥羊 00968 還不知道可以被併購股 著名羊肉火鍋連鎖餐廳 餐飲連鎖
味千中国 00538 最近亂搞股 日式拉麵連鎖 餐飲連鎖
全聚德 002186 擴張到後面還是靠一家賺股 中華老字號的烤鴨店 餐飲連鎖
大家樂 00341 布局中國龜速股 全球最大的中式連鎖餐飲集團 餐飲連鎖
上海醫藥 02607,601607 好股 中國領先綜合醫藥公司 醫藥
國藥控股 01099 會有一段好光景股 中國最大的醫藥分銷商 醫藥
同仁堂科 01666 沒有定位清楚的定存股 中醫龍頭同仁堂的子公司 醫藥
四環醫藥 00460 沒意見股 中國最大的心腦血管藥物企業 醫藥
微創 00853 競爭激烈股 中國最大的心血管支架企業 醫藥
創生 00325 沒意見股 中國創傷骨科產品領先企業 醫藥
廣州藥業 00807,600332 穩定股 中成藥 醫藥
騰訊控股 00700 無惡不作股 即時通訊與社群網 網路
世紀佳緣 DATE 沒意見股 交友與婚姻網站 網路
人人網 RENN 天曉得何時賺錢股 中國最大的社群網站之一 網路
優酷網 YOKU 天曉得何時賺錢股 中國最大的影音網站之一 網路
攜程 CTRP 還不錯股 綜合性網路旅行服務公司 網路
阿里巴巴 01688 老闆是教宗,常常佈道股 B2B網路公司 網路
百度 BIDU 壟斷股 中國最大網路搜尋引擎 網路
恆安國際 01044 意外漲很多倍股 衛生護理用品公司 消費
敏華 01999 還ok股 休閒沙發品牌與製造企業 消費
L’Occitane 0973 來賺中國錢股 源自普羅旺斯天然化妝品護理企業 消費
新秀麗 01910 跟投資創業公司一樣股 全球最大的旅遊行李箱公司 消費
金沙中國 01928 還不錯股 紙醉金迷的賭博與娛樂公司 賭博
自然美 00157 沒意見股 美容護膚SPA的連鎖企業 消費
金風 2208,2202 殺紅了眼股 中國風力發電設備商 能源
亞洲果業 00073 沒意見股 鮮橙(柳丁)種植公司 農業
Glencore 00805 壟斷股 全球商品原物料貿易王者 貿易
中石油 857,601857,PTR 國家隊股 中國最大的綜合石油企業 能源
中國南車 1766,601766 最近出包公司股 中國最大軌道交通裝備企業 運輸
現代教育 01082 靠人吃飯公司 香港中學補習班 教育
首都機場 00694 收費站公司 北京飛機機場企業 公用事業
中國移動 941,CHL 養老股一支 中國最大的移動電信商 電信
淡水河谷 06210 每年讓大陸政府頭痛的公司 全球3大鐵礦石企業之一 鋼鐵
中國航信 00696 收費站公司 航空訊息服務 公用事業
黃山 900942,600054 收費站公司 名列世界遺產中國名山管理公司 旅行
惠理基金 00086 看人吃飯的行業 價值投資的亞洲基金 金融
港交所 00388 收費站公司 香港交易所 金融
靄華押業信貸 01319 賺窮人錢公司 香港最大典當公司 金融
電視廣播TVB 0511 穩定的行業 電視廣播 傳媒
壹傳媒 00282 辛苦的行業 周刊與報紙傳媒公司 傳媒
亞洲水泥中國 00743 景氣循環股 水泥製品 水泥
台泥國際 01136 景氣循環股 中國領先的水泥大廠之一 水泥
比亞迪 01211 有munger加持 鋰鎳電池與電動汽車的企業 汽車
新焦點 0360 跟投資創業公司一樣 汽車美容的龍頭公司 汽車
富士康 02038 郭董用手帕擦汗他就跌 手機EMS代工企業 手機
神州數碼 報價(00861) 穩定公司 IT分銷與solution IT